Steph Davies PGA professional

Steph Davies

Steph Davies

Golf is NOT an ‘Old mans sport’

Steph is determined to get more ladies and juniors into the game. Getting the game away from being classed an old man’s sport is important to Steph. There are not enough ladies and juniors playing this fantastic game, and that is why her focus is to teach beginners on the course and show them that it can be a fun game.

Golf is a social, active and fun game that doesn’t have to take 4-5 hours to play, if you don’t want it to! Having worked at Rudding for 5 years, Steph is baffled by how few people take advantage of the Repton Short Course… It only takes an hour to play!! We all live busy lives, which means that some people have the opinion that they cannot play golf but now having this amazing indoor facility will mean that they can learn or play for an hour – not 4.

Golf isn’t just exercise, it teaches young people etiquette, rules, patience, maturity and Steph’s goal is not only to create golfers and/or sports people but to help them grow into the best person they can be. Steph has a real passion for improving the junior’s all-round ability with focusing on their fundamental skills as well as their golf specific skills.


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