Jack Carter PGA professional

Jack Carter

Jack Carter

I have been a professional golfer for over ten years and have gained experience and knowledge in all areas of the game. Between 2010-2014 I competed full time on a variety of golf tours including the Euro Pro and Alps Tour as well as regional and national PGA events. Throughout my time playing this game we all love, I experienced great highs of victory and the frustrations we all feel when we know we are not playing to the best of our ability.

It is from the invaluable experience gained as a tournament professional that I draw inspiration, and from which I have built the foundation of my coaching philosophy. I focus my beliefs on an "education of the game", of how to best bridge the gap between practice and play. The more we understand our own golfing abilities the more chance we have of performing to the best of them.

The importance of performance has led me to work as a caddy at the last two European Tour Schools which has led to great experience of how to get the best out of a player, where it matters the most, on the golf course. 


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