Why intensive golf tuition might just be the best thing you do for your game!

The best way to improve your golf….?

We are going to start this blog with a very simple question.

Who is currently not playing the golf they would like to?

I would take a guess that the resounding answer just then was “me”. Am I right?

If you are happy with your golf game then congratulations — you are one of a select few! If like the majority of golfer’s, you are a little perplexed by this great game we all love then read on — we may just have the answer for you.

To be brutally honest the answer is pretty simple — you need help!

Now what help you receive and how you receive it is the important bit here. I think many of us have looked towards golf lessons in the past hoping that the local PGA Professional would offer up some words of wisdom that would provide us with “the secret” and get us playing better golf instantly. This may have even worked for a short period of time but then the magic wore off and you were back to where you were, with all your bad habits resurfacing. Right again?

Stop thinking a one hour golf lesson every 2 or 3 months is going to work. This tactic may stop you getting any worse but it isn’t really going to get you any better. It’s not that the information is bad but in our experience golfer’s just can’t stick to a change or progress from lesson to lesson when they are so sporadic.

The time spent apart from their coach gives them opportunities to go off on a tangent and lose a sense of what they were working on.

Don’t waste your practice time beating hundreds/thousands of golf balls. It has been proven time and time again that blocked practice (practice that is the same all the time) isn’t that good. That means that if you think the secret lies in the dirt and a thousand balls a week will help you improve you are mistaken. Quite often all golfer’s do is ingrain a flaw more and more.

Grooves Golf PGA Professional Rob Watkins discussing wedge distance control during a 3-day Golf School.
Rob Watkins PGA Professional discussing putting in our Guaranteed Golf Improvement programme

The Ultimate Golfing Solution…

If you are really serious about improvement then here is some sound advice:

  1. Plan an intensive golf tuition course. Here at Grooves Golf we offer different types of tuition. The most popular options (and the ones that work) are always our 3-Day Golf Schools and 10-Week Guaranteed Improvement Programme.

    Both of these programmes involve a minimum of 12 hours of tuition (in a small time frame) with a highly qualified PGA Professional and focus on all facets of the game from technical to tactical and involve on-course sessions as well as short game work and practice plans.

    This is the holistic approach needed and gets you on a improvement plan that is easy to follow and brings results.

  2. Buy a couple of decent books. We love a bit of light reading and nothing beats a worthwhile golf book. Here are three of our favourites which will definitely teach you something!

    ‘Lowest Score Wins’

    ‘The Practice Manual’

    ‘Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect’

  3. Work hard…really hard. I once heard the following “golf gives you what you deserve”. We don’t think a truer word has ever been spoken. Put in the hard-work, have regular intensive lessons and practice in the right way and you will definitely improve.

    A good way to plan and structure your practice sessions is to buy a notebook and record exactly what you do during each session. Make notes, describe feelings that worked and document your scores in some skills tests.

    Practicing with accurate feedback is also crucial. Using a facility like our indoor golf centre allows you to see your ball, club and body data instantly after each and every shot which has been proven to lead to faster and more permanent results.

Let us know your thoughts on what you think is the key to improving. Happy Golfing!