Grooves Golf Custom Club Fitting and Calibration using GEARS 3D Optical Motion Capture System


Club calibration using the best TECHNOLOGY ON THE PLANET.

Your next game of golf could be  50% more accurate.

We are excited to offer our NEW ultimate fitting experience hosted by our team of Senior PGA Professionals and utilising the latest in measuring technology with systems from GEARS, FORESIGHT SPORTS, TRACKMAN and SAM. 

Optimise your performance with the ultimate club fitting experience. Gaining distance, improving your accuracy and your scores can be achieved through a combination of factors, playing with the right tools is one of the most effortless ways of lowering your scores. With our fitting services we will find the perfect combination of clubs and shafts for your swing, helping optimise your performance, no matter what skill level.

We are one of only a few venues in the country that can quickly and accurately measure shaft deflection, droop and torque throughout the swing, allowing you to hone in on the shaft best suited to your swing.

All of the instructors are Certified Club Fitting Specialists and are ready to help you make sure that are playing with equipment that fits your swing and not trying to fit your swing to your equipment.

Our technology provides a superior club fitting and instructional experience by supplying club-fitters and instructors with an unparalleled level of practical data, giving them the power to analyse your swing and identify your needs with remarkable precision. 

This ultimately means your clubs will fit better, improving your game and your score.

Fittings will take you through the whole bag and will even include a golf ball fitting. After the fitting you will receive a FREE sleeve of your newly fitted golf balls + a £25 voucher to put towards your new clubs.

Book in your clubs to get fitted